SEO tips for voice search

SEO tips for Voice Search

seo tips for voice search

Digital assistants are redefining the rules of SEO. Voice assistants are becoming quite popular, and they already have an impact on how people search.

For that reason, it is fundamental to investigate how to rank well with the new digital assistants in the market. It is extremely important since more and more users trust voice recognition software like Siri and Cortana to perform searches.

Nowadays, there are upgraded digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Google Assistant. These technology upgrades are based on voice interaction and speech recognition.

Using these innovative devices, you will be able to play your favourite song, schedule a dentist appointment, make a reservation or buy tickets for a show, just with a voice command.

There are endless possibilities of how digital assistants can make your life easier. Early-adopters are already crazy about them, and it is expected to become more and more popular in the next three years.

Due to this new way of interaction between user and business throughout the internet, companies must identify how to match their keywords with the full sentences searchers use when they search using voice assistants.

Having a good SEO strategy is now more important than ever since Google assistant and the other voice assistants only show the top result for general questions. Because of this, companies must concentrate on getting the first position.

In order to achieve this goal, they have to identify the differences between a regular search using a search engine and a voice search. For instance, to look up for pizza, a user might type just “pizza” into the search engine while using a full sentence for a voice search “Where I can order the best pizza?”.

Since most voice searches are questions, companies must create featured snippets as answers. They must answer the question directly and concisely. Therefore, an effective featured snippet is short, not longer than 29 words.

Featured snippets are now even more relevant than traffic, and there is a fierce competition to create the best one. As long as they provide information they can even be promotional, they will not be penalized for advertising a product or a service. This will probably lead to immediate sales.

There are other actions that can take your business to the first position in Google Assistant. A big determinant factor is PageSpeed. There is a correlation between page speed and how well a website ranks in voice search. The average result loads in 4.6 seconds.

Beyond PageSpeed, there are other trigger factors such as Domain Authority and HTTPS. Authorized domains and HTTPS secured websites rank better with Google Assistant too.

New innovations are coming up every day making that even not that old technologies are becoming obsolete. It changes the way we live, we work or even think. We already have changed DVD for online streaming, the enterprises have changed analog PBX to the virtual call center and now have changed the way we search the information.

Embracing this new technology and becoming a first-mover can lead companies to succeed in the market and defeat fierce competitors. This innovation must be seen as nothing but a great business opportunity for any business.

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