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How to Make Money in Real Estate Without the Need of Becoming an Agent

In real estate, a property is established, bought, sold, managed or rented. Land and houses are good examples of real estate property. The increase in population and the appreciation feature of the real estate property has led to tremendous growth of this industry. One of the major players in real estate is an agent. The work of the real estate agent is to connect real estate buyers and sellers. Some people would like to make money in real estate, but they dont want to become agents. Below are ways you can make money in real estate without being an agent.

A real estate non-agent can make money through rentership. A lot of people are looking for rental units. Buy buying property and renting it out instead of selling it, you will make a profit. Renting out property will enable you to service your mortgage loan and earn an income. It is advisable to start by offering triplexes and duplexes. You can also invest in commercial property which has several units. This guide has more on rentership.

Real estate non-agents earn income by wholesaling. Wholesaling does not require you to purchase any property. You only need to fetch for deals from sellers, publish the deal and sell the deal at a profit. In wholesaling, you need to have improved negotiation skills and the ability to look for deals.

Fixing and flipping is another method of earning money in real estate if you dont want to be an agent. In fixing and flipping, the 70% rule is fundamental. You need to buy property which needs repairs. You should then repair and upgrade the old property and sell it. You cant succeed in fixing and flipping if you dont know the 70% rule.

Some real estate non-agents earn an income through hard money lending. A lot of people who want to buy homes dont qualify for loans. Many people who want to own property dont like borrowing from conventional owners because of the many requirements. Hard money lending attracts an interest which is higher.

You need to buy notes and you will make money in real estate. The other name of note is a deed. After borrowing a loan, you will issue the deed to the mortgage lender. Mortgage lenders issue the deeds back after receiving the total mortgage back. You only need to purchase some notes, and the monthly payments will be issued to you.

If you would like to get a share of the income made in real estate, but you dont want to become an agent, you should start managing property. By collecting rent, dealing with evictions, managing tenants and many more, you will earn 5% to 12% of the amount paid monthly by the tenants.

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