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Cuba: Great Tourist Destination

You will never be disappointed when you visit the Caribbean for your vacation. But there are many places you can visit there, which can be confusing. Cuba is an unusual choice for many, but those who have been there know how wonderful it is. Here are even more advantages of choosing to go there.
The country has beautiful weather. It has warm and subtropical weather all year long. This shall be much better then what you have to face back home. Their rainy seasons are far much better than winter conditions.
You will then enjoy the Cuban cigars. These happen to be illegal back home, so while there, you can enjoy them as much as you like. You can take a tour down to the local cigar manufacturing plants and tobacco farms.
You shall also find their beaches to be quite amazing. There are several regions along the coastline known for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and plenty of beach activities for you to enjoy. You may also swim with the dolphins or go snorkeling in the coral reef. Or you can take a local cruise.
There is also their high-quality coffee for you to enjoy. You will find their coffee to be with a rich flavor and a great aftertaste. As a tourist, you can also visit the coffee plantations to see the coffee being processed.
You shall also find their nightlife, and the love of it, to be infectious and most enjoyable. For those interested, you can take salsa classes to get you ready for dancing at night. You can learn more about it from your hotel information desk.
There is also no shortage of vintage cars for you to look at while there. Since there was a ban on the importation of newer models, care and maintenance of the older models has led to there being some great ones on their roads. There are day trips in vintage cars which shall prove most enjoyable. You can read more here about them.
There is also the Cuban cuisine to relish in. It is a blend of Spanish, Caribbean, and African foods that ends up being a unique and flavorful experience. All that is presented as affordable dishes.
You will also appreciate the history the place has acquired over time. You can delve into the political side of it, as seen in the Fidel Castro regime and the Cuban revolution. There is also much to learn about other important figures such as Che Guevara.
The fact that most parts of Cuba remain untouched by the masses of tourists makes it a great destination to visit now. You will discover more to enjoy before other people flood the area. You can learn more about the ways to keep memories of your trip on this site.

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