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Asbestos Survey Management

The asbestos survey is eligible in giving asbestos results after testing in the laboratory. The sample of the asbestos will be taken for the test immediately after the collection to produce sufficient results. The sample collection will determine the outcome of easy asbestos identification.

After the survey the sample is then taken for testing and then the report will be produced depending on the results given. asbestos management is easily done from the results given by surveyors. To get asbestos easily surveyors have specific parts where they are certain in getting asbestos results and these parts include the roofs, ceiling the basement the cellars the underfloor among others. The above named parts in the building are said to have a possibility in producing accurate asbestos results that will show accurate report.

Any building under repair or any demolition is bound to give inaccurate results due to destruction. The destruction during asbestos collection may be caused by the demolition of the building or if there is any repair going on. Demolition or anything to do with repair must not be ongoing during asbestos survey as this may lead to insufficient results. Demolition during asbestos is prohibited because this may tamper with the material to be surveyed thus not giving the required results which is very absurd for surveyors.

Experts have confirmed that any building under demolition or repair is not suitable for asbestos as this will disturb the ongoing survey. In some instances surveyors can be forced to penetrate through the inaccessible parts of the building just to reach out to the right points of collecting the material for accurate tests.

Accuracy is key to sufficient asbestos results and this can be done by getting the right lab technicians and experienced surveyors for the job. Surveyors will then send the sample in the lab for them to get tested as this is one way of confirming the outcome of the collection which should be ready within 24hours. In case the results turned out to be negative then the building must be put down and if the building was under construction then that should be stopped immediately. For safety reasons asbestos must be done at least yearly this is to protect people and the building from asbestos risks. Asbestos surveyors must be qualified and experienced in surveying asbestos as this is a very sensitive field that with one wrong move you will be putting someone’s life to danger.

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